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Therapeutic Massage

If you are interested in receiving the best possible treatment without a Thermo-Session, the therapeutic massages are your best option.  Kendra uses integrated techniques (including deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, muscle energy technique, active isolated stretching, sports, and more!) to achieve the best results for each client.

Not all muscle tissue is the same, and no two people are the same. Having the ability to decipher what an individual's body needs is what makes for an exceptional experience and defines a therapist. This is exactly what Kendra strives for with every session! She works by the golden rule. She treats others how she wants to be treated if it herself on the table!

Offering extended time massages gives clients the opportunity to receive the best treatments possible. When a massage is slower paced, the therapist is more likely to address most (if not all) concerns a client presents with!

Call for a consultation on what services may be best for you!

Therapeutic Massage Sessions

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